Welcome to homepages of the accordeon club of Turku, Turun Harmonikkakerho r.y.

There are two orchestras in our accordeon club, one of which plays traditional finnish dance music, for example polkas, tangos and walzes. It is lead by Kari Ruotsi, accompanied by drums, bass and guitar. It also has a singer. The other orchestra lead by dir.mus. Kauko Tiistola plays entertainment music, for example movie themes like My Heart Will Go On, musicals like My Fair Lady, operettas like Gräfin Mariza and jazz music like Tuxedo Junction, accompanied by drums and bass.

We have about 40 members of all ages. Club is also a member of Turun Soitannollinen Kerho r.y. which includes for instance choirs and big variety of musicians in the area of Turku. Turun Harmonikkakerho is also a member of Finland's national accordion association, Suomen Harmonikkaliitto.

During the year we perform in many kind of happenings. In the summer 2017 you could see us for example in Tall Ships’ Race in Turku. Our entertainment orchestra has won several national championships, and in Austria 1998 we were in the second best kategory among international competitors. We try to evolve so we organize training days for our members.

Our economy is founded on low membership fees and municipal allowance.

We have played since 1981 as an independent registered association. During the decades orchestras have had many forms, like the ensemble of children’s and Juniors.


If you want to contact us, please use the following information:

Taina Laiho

p. 040-7676 363

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